Use, Care and
of the Products

All our products are illustrated digitally or by hand and their preparation and packaging are handmade, the result of a very careful production process. As with any type of handmade product, these may experience natural wear and tear over time, however, here are some recommendations that you should follow:

Unframed Prints:

-Keep them in the cardboard tube, rolled up in the way they were sent, until framing them. Do not leave exposed to the open air.

-The paper used for the printing of the works is usually textured or porous. So do not touch it directly, much less with dirty or wet hands, or try to clean or erase directly on it.

-Avoid any scratches that affect the printing and manipulate the work by the edges.

-If the paper is rolled in the wrong way, it can easily tear or wrinkle.

Framed prints:

They must be hung using an anchoring system capable of supporting the weight of the glass and trim of the work. It is suggested to use double reinforcement and mount on concrete walls.

They should not be exposed to the sun, or avoid placing them on a wall in direct light. This could discolor the artwork or create moisture inside the glass and damage it.

In humid places, the painting should be hung at a certain distance from the wall (minimum 2cm), to prevent moisture from entering the paper or framed and causing fungus in the work.


– Hand wash, air dry and avoid the use of fabric softeners, chlorine or other abrasive substances.

If you experience a unique problem with any of our products, feel free to contact and we will be happy to help you find a solution. Entropy will not make credit notes in the store or changes for products that have suffered wear, are exposed in humid climates, bad weather, have been washed or have been identified as misuse, negligence or malice on the part of the user.

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